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Retail Compliance Checks

Outreach to local licensed businesses to help reduce potential harmful retail practices in order to reduce prevalence of underage drinking in Tulare County. After the initial scan, businesses are notified of failure to post required ABC signage and if possible, are provided with missing signs. Businesses are given information regarding unsafe retail practices and are also advised if such practices are seen on their premises. They are then encouraged to make reasonable changes in order to reduce the risk of harm and liability.

Sticker Shock Campaign

The Sticker Shock Campaign is a nation-wide program making an effort to reach adults who may be tempted to buy or provide alcohol for those under the age of 21. The consequences for supplying alcohol to minors is a fine up to $1,000 or up to one year in jail.


The STOP stickers stand out on doors, beer cases and other alcoholic beverages for all to see and provide a strong reminder to STOP! 


Providing Alcohol to Minors Is Illegal; Penalties, fines, and/or jail time under California Business and Professional Code § 25658. 

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