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College Students

Guiding Good Choices

Guiding Good Choices (GGC) is a five (5) session curriculum program for parents of children ages 9 to 14. The participation of children is limited to Session #3. The GGC program strives to strengthen family bonds through skill building in communication, setting guidelines with clear standards of behavior, conflict resolution and much more in order to reduce the risk factors associated with early initiation of behavioral problems (alcohol/drug use, school dropout, teen pregnancy, etc.) This program is offered in English and Spanish.

Families in Action

Families in Action (FIA) encompasses the following two programs which can be presented as a co-participating parent and preteen/teen program or as stand-alone programs.

Active Parenting of Teens​

Active Parenting of Teens (APT) is a six (6) session curriculum program for parents of children ages 10 to 17. The APT program presents the “Active” parenting style which emphasizes character development (courage, cooperation, respect, responsibility and self-esteem) and problem solving as a means of equipping teens to survive and thrive in our society today. This program is offered in English and Spanish.

Teens​ in Action 

Teens in Action (TIA) is a six (6) session curriculum for preteens and teens - 6th grade and above. This program introduces and promotes 5 qualities of character (courage, responsibility, cooperation, respect and self-esteem) that teaches pre-teens and teenagers critical tools for meeting life challenges successfully. This program is offered in English only.

Too Good for Drugs

Scheduling Now! Too Good for Drugs is a program where sixth-grade students navigate their way to a healthy future. This evidence-based program mitigates risk by equipping students with the self-confidence to refuse peer pressure and influence while resisting substance abuse.

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